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 about 18 years ago we volunteered to help give medical assistance in Sri Lanka.
During our time in Sri Lanka we met a Sri Lankan priest by the name of  「Ven.Kegalle Ratanasara」. He is highest chief of the Weherahena temple in southern Sri Lanka. He established "children village ". he recognized a strong need to give Sri Lanka underprivileged children an education and a secure life. One by one he took in abandoned and troubled youth for aid this in how "Childre Village" began.
Furthermore, he has expanded and made a kindergaten named "happy kids"
It is an educationl institution created for the children living in the village and around the local area. Now about 200 children play a smile at "Happy kids" every day.
We felt that there must be something we could do.
there for we decided to participate and administrating.

Compared to Japan the operational costs are lower in Sri Lanka.
this allows us to provide salaries,food,shelter and maintenance relief to 200 students and 10 teachers. We realize that our funding and efforts are not enough.
Seeing the children's happy face
brings us great joy and happiness.
It inspires us to continue our cause.
This has become our life work and
we feel happiness bringing great
happiness to in need.
We visit sometimes to hand out
stationary, toyd, and money etc.

[ priest Ven.Kegalle Ratanasara ]

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